Generate Test Set


generaTestSet.exe and generaTestSetSlow.exe



Get the minimal Test Set with guaranteed coverage equal to the Wise past in input or equal to the coverage of the Test Set past in input if less than WISE,  extracting the test cases from the file of the Test Set past in input, excluding n-tuples already covered by the Partial Test Set input file.


1)    –w: {WISE FILE NAME}    File name with all the {WISE}-tuples , file out_p_{WISE}.txt
5)    –t: {FILE TESTSET}:    The Test Set for which you want to calculate the coverage
2)    –o: {WISE NUMBER}:    The reference WISE value
3)    (-s)            Field file separator
4)     -f:(FROM FILE)        File with list of the rows of the file out_p_WISE.txt (tuples)  to be excluded from the output to be generated.


Test set with the coverage required as from input parameters. The output is printed on the screen and can be redirected to a file with the usual “pipe” DOS operations (> or >>).

The program generaTestSet is faster but requires higher system memory. In the case where the system memory is not enough, the program is interrupted by a managed memory overflow. The proram generaTestSetSlow requires less memory, but it takes more time, working mainly on file.




generaTestSet –w: out_p_2.txt –t: test_set.txt –o: 2 –f: nple.txt


Generate a Test Set from the file test_set.txt with coverage equal to 2 or equal to test_set.txt file coverage if less than 2, extracting the test cases from the n-tuples contained in the file out_p_2.txt from which excludes the n-tuples contained in the file nple.txt file. This file is a list of the form:




The list is composed by the row numbers of the out_p_2.txt file containing all the tuples with wise  coverage = 2; the n-tuples contained in the file nple.txt will be excluded when generating the output Test Set. The file with the n-tuples to be excluded can be generated with the executable calcolaCopertura.exe (or calcolaCoperturaSlow.exe) with only the option (-n) applied to the test set from which they want "extract" the n-tuples to be excluded.

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