Extracts a Non Minimal Test Set but still smaller than the Maximum Test Set with guaranteed coverage equal to the WISE passed as input  (runR = run Reduce).



  1. {WISE}:            Integer number between 1 and WISE_MAX



  1. Test Set smaller than Maximum Test Set, but not minimal, with coverage guaranteed equal to past input WISE.  Values with * are the "don’t care". Iinstead of "*", you can take any value of the variable, without thereby affecting the coverage WISE level. The output is printed on the screen and can be redirected to a file with the usual operations "pipe" DOS (> or >>)

The number of test cases in the output Test Set depend form the order of the n-tuples in out_p_{WISE}.txt  file that is passed as input to runR.bat. Surely there is a sort order of this file file to which the output Test Set contains a minimum number of Test Cases, but find this sorting is not feasible from a computational point of view, as too onerous.



  1. The command runW {WISE} must have been previously entered. Otherwise, a warning is printed with a request to execute it.



runR 2


Create test set with wise-2 coverage that is not reduced to the minimum, but with a number of Test Cases less than the maximum. The numbers of test cases depends on the ordering of the n-tuple in the file out_p_2.txt in APP_PATH.

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